Music CD

             You can make a more personal collection of love songs which both of you love to hear. Put it on a CD and surprise your partner with it on your honeymoon. You can vouch for this fact that listening to this beautiful compilation of songs on a solitary evening or a drive would be one of the best times you would have spent together. It is a great idea to deepen your relationship and take it to the next level.


Romantic Getaway

            If you want to go out of your way to gift your loved one something memorable, a romantic getaway would be something which he will always cherish. He can enjoy it later with his family and friends or just with his beloved, the all over experience of a second honeymoon that will rekindle him to feel romantic and take a break from the daily routine. This will be the best way for him to relax and soothe his senses.


              Cards work best to express feelings in a beautiful manner. The written word says more than what you can say. You can purchase cards which convey your feelings the best or maybe add a special note inside it. Nothing could be better than making a personalized card and writing what you feel on your own. This would be a great way to express what you feel and also gift your loved one something special.


             These can be used just after gifting them as well. Candles provide that perfect ambiance for romance and give that sensuous touch to your evening. You can try variations like floating candles, gel candles or candles in different shapes to create unique effects.

Spa and yoga sessions


             If you love your partner, give him a treat for his body too. These days spa treatments are the most popular trends amongst the modern generation. You can do this by booking a spa session or a yoga class for your partner in the hotel where you are staying for your honeymoon.


               Perfumes and fragrances are the best way to cheer up the spirits of your loved one. Perfumes with their various kinds of odors are very effective in arousing erotic emotions. You can go fancy and buy expensive brands or just pick up some naughty fruit extracts for daily use

Bottled Message

              What could be more inviting for your partner than to discover a hidden message for him inside a bottle. Many online sites also provide this facility. This could also be a great way to tell your partner something that can take your relationship to the next level. This could prove to be a great way to begin a memorable honeymoon.

Romantic Novel


          To personalize the gift, you can subtly ask him for the names of authors he likes the most. Once you have them, head to the nearest bookstore and buy the romantic novel which he secretly had been dying to read.


           To make the present more romantic, you can combine another sweet gift with the assortment you have brought for her. Also here’s a secret, chocolate is known to be an aphrodisiac. So those who wish to surprise their beloved on their honeymoon.


                  Flowers are one of the best romantic honeymoon gifts to give to your lady love. But that doesn’t imply that you cannot get creative while gifting them. You can surprise her by knowing her favorite flower and color. Now go to the florist and get them for her or delivered to her place. You can also gift them in a vase.

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