Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Monte Carlo

               Founded by Prince Albert I in 1910, the two-floor, cliff-hanging aquarium in Monte Carlo perches 270 above the sea with panoramic views of the Principality of Monaco and the Italian Riviera. The aquarium, with more than 90 tanks, has 4,000 species of fish and more than 200 families of invertebrates. Jacques Cousteau was once the director of the aquarium. The Shark Lagoon is a giant tank showcasing the diversity and colors of the coral reef and its inhabitants. You can also see the collection of marine life gathered by Prince Albert; specimens of sea creatures (including the skeleton of a 66-foot whale); and models of Prince Albert’s laboratory ships.


Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Osaka

                    This aquarium wins the name game hands down, at least when it’s translated into English. The Japanese word Kaiyukan means “Playing in the Sea Pavilion.” The enormous facility showcases sealife not only inJapan, but also around the world. Start in the Japan Forest, then head to the Aleutian Islands, Monterey Bay (California), the Gulf of Panama, the Ecuador Rain Forest, and so on through 15 regions along the “Ring of Fire” (Pan Pacific Volcanic Zone). Highlights of the Osaka Aquarium include a whale shark, sea lion, seals, otters and 12 tanks of jellyfish.

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, Vancouver

         The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre(Canada’s largest aquarium) has some impressive numbers: 33,700 fish from about 300 species; 30,000 invertebrates; more than 350 snakes, frogs and newts from 56 species of amphibians and reptiles; and 21 species of birds and mammals from around the globe, including whales. Watch beluga whales whistling and blowing water in the popular Arctic Canada exhibit. In the Tropical Gallery, you’ll find blacktip reef sharks swimming. To see what the Vancouver waters hold, check out the Pacific Canada exhibit which includes Pacific salmon and a giant Pacific octopus. 

Sydney Aquarium, Australia


             Among the Sydney Aquarium’s myriad attractions, by far the best has to be the Open Ocean exhibit, comprised of underwater tunnels where you can see the largest collection of sharks in the world. In the Great Barrier Reef complex, kids will love the tropical touch pool—a live coral cave, coral atoll, two circular gateway displays and a massive Great Barrier Reef oceanarium, where more than 6,000 animals are housed. The water is pumped in from Sydney’s Darling Harbour, after being filtered and heated first. 

Underwater World Singapore, Singapore

           Underwater World Singapore is home to more than 250 species from around the Singapore region. You’ll have a chance to see Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, often called “pink” dolphins. A real treat is to see the resident dugong named Gracie. Dugongs are huge but graceful mammals that resemble manatees except for their whale-like tails. In addition, there are shallow rock turtle and ray pools as well as a very cool 273-foot-long moving “travelator,” which moves you through a tunnel housing rays, sharks, great shoals of all types of fish and a host of other sea creatures. Special dive and swim programs let you get in the water with rays, sharks and even Gracie the dugong. 

Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth

           Located in a coastal suburb of Perth, the Aquarium of Western Australia, or AQWA in short, contains Australia’s largest aquarium tank. The aquarium’s main tank is 40 meters (130 ft) long and 20 meters (66 ft) wide and holds 3,000,000 liters (793,000 gallons) of seawater. It incorporates a 98 meter (322 ft) underwater tunnel. For a fee, snorkelers and divers can get even closer to the fish, sharks, and rays by joining the aquarium’s dive master in exploring the main tank.

Aquarium of Genoa, Italy

               Built for Expo 92, the Aquarium of Genoa in Italy is one of the largest aquariums in Europe. The aquarium’s 70 tanks reproduce marine and terrestrial habitats from throughout the world and provide a home for more than 6000 animals. Some tanks reproduce natural environments from different areas as the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The most spectacular ones are those housing the sharks, the dolphins and the seals.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, China

                  The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Asia. It is composed of 9 exhibition zones of all over the world, including the China Zone, the Antarctic Zone and the Australia Zone. The China Zone is home to several endangered Chinese aquatic species, including rare and precious species from the Yangtze River. The biggest attraction of the aquarium is the underwater tunnel. At 155 meter (509 ft) it is the longest underwater tunnel in the world.

uShaka Marine World, Durban

             uShaka Marine World is a theme park located in Durban, South Africa. It contains the largest aquarium in Africa boasting 32 tanks. The sea creatures found in the aquarium range from small sea horses all the way through to sharks and dolphins. The Aquarium is built to look like an old wreck and contains a number of restaurants and cafes. The most notable of these restaurants is “The Cargo Hold” restaurant which contains a full wall sized aquarium containing a number of sharks which are visible from most of the dining area.

Turkuazoo, Turkey

           Opened in 2009, Turkuazoo is Turkey’s first giant aquarium featuring a rainforest, flooded forest and tropical seas zones. The aquarium is located inside the Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall and contains a 80 meter long underwater tunnel. Turkuazoo holds about 10,000 sea creatures including tiger sharks, giant stingrays and piranhas in 29 different exhibits where the largest holds 5 million liters (1,32 million gallons) of water.

Oceanarium, Lisbon, Portugal

           Lisbon Oceanarium was built in 1998. The aquarium is dedicated to the ocean`s ecosystem and studies. The best collection of this aquarium is a sunfish with 1000kg weight.

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

            This aquarium in Monaco has a long history, having been founded by Prince Albert I in 1910. Situated in Monte Carlo, the two-floor cliff-hanging aquarium perches 279 feet above the sea. It holds over 90 tanks, 4,000 species of fish and more than 200 families of invertebrates. The Shark Lagoon is another feature inside the aquarium and is a giant tank which showcases the diversity and vibrant colors of the coral reef and its inhabitants.

Oceanografic, Valencia

        The aquarium is known as the largest outdoor oceanographic park in Europe. It preserves 45,000 aquatic animals from 500 different species and it was built over 110,000 square meters area.

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

                  This aquarium becomes famous since it is recognized as the 2nd largestaquariums in our planet. The primary tank is very huge so that it is named Kuroshio Sea. The tank is keeping 7,500 m3 of fresh water.

AquaDom, Berlin

                 The aquarium was constructed differently and it houses 2,600 fishes from 56 different species. The aquarium`s wall are made of cylindrical shape of acrylic glass and it stands 25 meters high.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

         The aquarium has the largest acrylic panel and that is competing the acrylic panel on the Okinawa churaumi Aquarium. The aquarium keeps 33,000 fishes from 85 different species.

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

           Georgia Aquarium is so big so that it is capable to house 100,000 underwateranimals from 500 different species. The Aquarium`s tank is filled with 8.1 millions gallons of water and it is recorded as the largest Aquarium in the world.

London Aquarium, London

              The Aquarium is very beautiful and it is also located in a great site which is on the base of County Hall on the South Bank of the River Thames near the famous object of London Eye. It was opened since 1999 and the aquariumkeeper said that this object attracts 1.000.000 peoples every year.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

                The Aquarium object was launched in 1984 and it is located in Monteray, on the Pacific Ocean shoreline, California. The Aquarium exhibits 35.000 underwater plants plus sea animal from 623 species. The aquarium is visited by around 1.800.000 peoples yearly.

The Deep Aquarium, England

                 The Deep Aquarium was opened in March 2002 and since that time it is known as a famous tourist object from Samy`s Point, Hull, England. The aquarium is set underwater and it is known as “the only submarium (an aquarium with many sea creatures) in the world.”. The tanks contain 2.500.000 liters salt water and house 7 species of shark and other see animals and plants.

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